When it comes to  

decorating your home, it's  

not just the interiors you  

need to consider. The  

beauty and elegance of  

your house is further  

enhanced with a  

breathtaking landscaped  

yard. Such a look is not  

easy to achieve, and that is  

why it is very important to  

consider hiring a  

dependable landscaper for  

this kind of job.    



The advantages of hiring a  

landscaper are many. The  

most important  

consideration that is often  

the reason which most  

people use is convenience.  

It is easier to just delegate  

the job to someone who  

knows best.


Want to do the job  


At Santa Fe Sand &  

Gravel, customers are  

our priority. Our  

knowledgeable and  

friendly sales associates  

are here to help.




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Check out our

"Landscape Idea Center."

Where we have 7,000 square

foot of patios, walls, turf,

ponds, water features

and more!





  A beautiful landscape is

not always easy to achieve.

That is why it is very important to consider hiring a

dependable landscaper.


Santa Fe Sand & Gravel recommends all of the Contractors Listed Below.  




















Please note that Santa Fe Sand & Gravel sells product  

to these landscapers.

We recommend companies on this list but  

we will not take responsibility for any of the work completed.